Complete solutions provider of various services and products in the field of grinding.

Next to grinding parts at our facility we have many services that complement our customer's needs. Here are some of the services we offer. Depending on the task on hand, these might be conducted at our facility or on-site at the customer's facility.

Consulting & Process SupportConsulting & Process Support

In this troubled economy not every company has its own engineering department. This where CGS can help you with our consulting and process support.

Installation & TrainingInstallation & Training

We perform installation of grinding machines and also offer the appropriate training for it. We are familiar with many controls (i.e. Fanuc, Siemens etc.).

Process DevelopmentProcess Development

Our vast experience with various applications, materials and industries is the foundation of our business. We perform many process developments and optimizations on our own machine. We do this right on customer supplied parts. Once we reach the optimized process, it is then only a small step to implement it on the customer's equipment(s).

Production GrindingProduction Grinding

We currently are running a production job for the automotive industry where we ship close to 7,000 parts per week. We are always interested and have capacity to acquire additional small to large production jobs.

Prototype & PPAPPrototype & PPAP

We help from the beginning all the way to the end. When a project starts we typically grind the prototype on our machine. While in the ramp-up phase we fine tune and optimize the process. Implemeting the established process on the customer's equipment, statistically prove the process and training of the staff is just another service we provide.

Re-tooling of Existing EquipmentRe-tooling of Existing Equipment

We have close ties with OEMs which puts us in a excellent position for re-tooling of existing machines. For example, one job runs out and another one starts. Most of the time this change requires of reconfiguration of the existing machine. We can offer just the conversion of the machine or provide a turn-key solution with statistically capable process and personnel training.