We utilize the latest technologies available in order to tackle the most challenging grinding jobs in any industry.

Exotic MaterialsExotic Materials

Silicon wafers have ground flats in order to orientate the crystal structure. Grinding them requires not only superabrasive wheels but also a machine that can interpolate the workhead and x-axis.

External GrindingExternal Grinding

Grinding of long axles often require the use of a hydraulic steady rest in order to acquire the necessary cylindricity.

ID/OD GrindingID/OD Grinding

Grinding of internal and external diameters in a single setup provides the base for a perfect concentricity between the two diameters. The three point steady rest guarantees suburb run out characteristics.

Internal GrindingInternal Grinding

Internal grinding can take on various sizes and shapes as seen here on an internal cam ring.

Out-of-Round GrindingOut-of-Round Grinding

Combining leading edge software with high precision c-axis interpolations to grind non-round parts.

Thread GrindingThread Grinding

Various thread grinding applications including grinding of this ball screw thread.