Quills & Internal Grinding Arbors

Tungsten Carbide is roughly 10 times more rigid than hardened steel. This property is ideal for internal grinding arbors. this allows for aggressive feed rates without arbor deflection. Also carbide is very wear resistance which contributes to a long tool life.

We custom make hardened steel, carbide and ceramic internal grinding arbors for various spindle types. Here is a simplified process on how we manufacture ID quills:

ID Arbor Model
The first step in manufacturing the custom made internal arbor is analysing the application, discussing the customer's needs and expectations. We then design the internal arbor model in order to verify the geometries.

ID Arbor Drawing
From the model we create the drawings with dimension and submit them for customer approval.


ID Arbor
We manufacture every arbor from pre-formed or solid bar stock and grind the internal arbor to the exact specs, check roundness and run out criteria.