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Consulting & Process Support

Provider of various consulting services & process support around the world

Complete Grinding Solutions -Consulting and Process meetings collage
  • Process analyses at customer site
  • Evaluation of current process and establishing possible solutions
  • Process and cycle time optimization
  • Custom programming

Installation & Training

25 years plus of experience in the field of grinding technology is the foundation of our customer-focused expertise in training and installations

Complete Grinding Solutions - Installation Training meeting
  • Installation of customer grinding equipment
  • Conduct training courses at CGS per training concept
  • Field training at customer site
  • Grinding seminars at CGS and customer site

Production Grinding

We are equipped to handle anything from small to large production grinding with short reaction times.

Complete Grinding Solutions - Process Development

We are equipped to handle anything from small to large production grinding with short reaction times.

  • Grinding of single piece to large batch customer parts
  • CNC OD and ID grinding
  • Shaft grinding
  • Work holding solutions
  • Special clamping fixtures for best accuracy results
  • Thread grinding
  • Cam and from grinding
  • Complete grinding solutions in a single clamping

Prototype & PPAP

CGS is your partner and expert in providing prototype and PPAP solutions throughout the entire grinding industry.

Prototype ppap Screens
  • Establishing statistical capable processes at CGS
  • Implementation of complete grinding process at customer site
  • Statistical capable grinding processes, including runoffs at CGS and customer site
  • Small to large quantity PPAP runs at CGS and customer site
  • Cycle time optimization and quality assurance of production solutions
  • Implementation of automated solutions

Process Development

Process development and optimization of various customer applications on our equipment followed by implementation of optimized process at customer sites.

Complete Grinding Solutions Re-tooling
  • Process development at customer site and CGS
  • Establishing grinding processes for universal and production grinding
  • Grinding trials, acceptance tests and runoffs at CGS and customer sites
  • Establishing grinding wheel, dressing tool, work holding and part handling solutions
  • Cycle time calculations and cost per piece evaluation
  • Statistical process development (SPC)

Re-tooling of Existing Equipment

Complete solutions provider for re-tooling of existing and new grinding equipment.

Complete Grinding Solutions - Production Grinding
  • Re-tooling of existing grinding machines
  • Provider of simple to complex grinding application solutions
  • Adding economical automation
  • Cycle optimization at customer site
  • Grinding process evaluation
  • Runoff at customer site